Sunday, February 10, 2013

Refrigerator advice!

We're having a seriously hard time picking out a fridge. Chris likes Samsung 25.5 side by side in black. I think he really just likes the LED lighting..I prefer the Whirlpool 26.4 side by side. It doesn't have the LED lighting but it is much more spacious. Both have terrible reviews. The Samsung has a horrible ice maker breaking within weeks of purchase and it repeatedly happens. The whirlpool has condensation issues and this is a repetitive issue as well. I really am not partial to a side by side over French doors with a bottom freezer but Chris is. Does anyone have any suggestions on a fridge after their refrigerator purchase?? These are the only two fridges we have been able to agree on so clearly we will need to go back to the drawing board! What fridges do you have and do you like it??


  1. In our current townhouse we have a new Maytag french door fridge. Very spacious and has worked very well. We have heard great things about Maytag and certain levels of LG, Samsung, and GE. I say space over aesthetics and lighting :-) We didn't even feel like looking so we went with what Ryan has in the GE french door one. Good luck!

  2. I would keep shopping around until you find a brand/model with good reviews! Why settle for something that you know is going to have issues?

    This is our post about the refrigerator that we bought... we love it!

  3. Just like Elise said, functionality supersedes the looks. I would prefer a refrigerator with more space and durability than anything else. Remember all this aesthetics changes as technology evolves.

  4. Sorry I am a Samsung fan.......we have a 28cu ft stainless steel french doors with freezer on the bottom, love the space and all the features....Have had no problems with it, so here is one good review :)

    1. I honestly believe a lot of reviews can come from consumers who are too critical! I will consider your review as we continue to research! :)

  5. There are so many to choose from and it is definitely centered around your NEEDS AND DESIRES! We have become a Samsung Fan and purchased the Samsung with Apps and Love it!! It's just my husband and I so the 28 cubic feet is perfect for us and it has yet to be filled to the rim. Lastly it sounds like you know what you wa t it's you and your DH making a choice that pleases both of you! We had this same challenge too! Lol have fun!!!! And you are gonna love watching it come through your door!

  6. We have selected a few other models that seem to have better reviews. Now to make the final decision...