Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm in a rut..

I have found myself to be a in decorating rut. I would really like to paint soon but everyone is advising to wait a year. I can understand the 30 days but a WHHHOLLLEEEE year!?!? Ill never be able to hold out that long. I'm bored with the white walls and no hanging decor. Is there anyone out there that didn't want and regrets it? Our 30 day fixes were delayed until this week so I'm hoping after the few nail pops we have get fixed I can convince Chris to let me put a little color on our walls!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Landscaping photos

So last week our sod was installed and our flower beds were dug. This week they have planted a few (ugly) shrubs but ill give them a shot. I planted a few tulips, etc to add a little color. I'm super busy so this a a quick post!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So I did this backsplash job myself. I have NEVER done anything close to this so it was quite a task! Instead of using mortar, I used these adhesive mats and they were a godsend! It eliminated such a messy step! It still needs some touching up, but ill get to that when I get a chance to catch my breath! Sod photos to come maybe tomorrow, when I got home tonight it was dark! Photos are of the tiles I bought, the adhesive mats, the backsplash pre tile, backsplash up pre grouted and finally grouted!

Now I know...

I've always wondered why you hardly ever are updated after someone moves into their new house by their blog...THEY'RE TOO BUSY!! I feel like every time I turn around there is something else to be unpacked or put into place! We have our 30 day on Friday so that's SUPER exciting...what's even better is I have nothing bad to report! I did our backsplash last week. It definitely isn't professionally done, but hey--I did my best! Also, our sod was put in today!! Yay! I'll post pictures of the yard when I can! I'm excited to plant some flowers that's for sure!!