Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Good news for next week!

Building was scheduled for this past Monday but was moved to next Wednesday(a week from today)! So excited! Oh, and the boyfriend got his phone call officially for his new job! Hooray for all the good news! :) That's all for today!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This just in....

We just received our anxiously awaited email from our LO....we got our official final approval! Thank god, and it only took them a day shy of two months! Woohoo **happy dance** :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh and I forgot!!!

I'm not sure how I forgot this, but I'm only 4'10", and my one special request was for the PM to leave the shelving for the master closet and laundry out so I could have them put in after we move in to my liking. He said he'd have no problem putting them in to the height I prefer, I just need to send him the measurements. I was so happy, because yet again, it's something I don't have to botch up! Bravo Ryan homes! I am thinking above having a custom closet organizer for my master still, but atleast I know they will help me out in the laundry closet.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yay for our PM!

We love love love our PM! We also have an assistant PM and he's great as well. I can't express anymore then I already do that our Ryan homes team is phenomenal and Chris and I couldn't be more thrilled with them! Building starts Monday and our projected finish date was drum roll......March 11th! Yippppyyyyyy :) our Pre construction meeting was good today. The PM had everything correct and answered our questions on the spot with no hesitations. He's excited and can't wait for building to begin. Exciting fact: they will install our cat door into the basement utility closet if we supply which means Chris nor I will bash the door up trying to put this thing in. Hurray! Exciting right? Told you! :) we stopped by to stalk our lot before we left.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pre construction meeting

We're set to meet on Thursday! Any advice? Questions we should ask? Ill have an update hopefully that evening!! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

We're so happy to announce...

We’re so excited to announce we’re building our first home! AND WE CAN’T WAIT!

 I have found myself constantly in the Ryan Homes blogging world so I figured I would join in! I hope that maybe our experience will help others who are thinking about going through this exciting time too! We debated with moving into a “used” home, but after searching and not finding something we thought fit us, we went to Ryan Homes to build our custom home! We signed our purchase agreement on 9/22/12. A few days later we went to meet with NVR which we were a little hesitant about but proceeded. It’s been 40 days since our papers were signed and frankly, we’re so tired of waiting. We’re having a serious communication barrier with our loan processor and I’m just confused about that. THANK GOD for our awesome SR because he has been filling us in on what is going on. So far, he and the underwriter say things are looking great. Apparently, NVR was waiting for a paper from us that we had already sent. They are finishing our papers today and we should have our “final approval” in the next few days. Long story short,we’re on the right track just waiting for the final “YES”.

Anyway, back to the fun stuff! We made all our selections on the day of the purchase agreement. We thought long and hard about upgrades and what not. Truthfully, this is our starter home. We don’t expect to live here forever and we wanted it to be somewhat basic and easy to maintain so when we are ready to move on to something bigger, it will be easy to maintain for the next person. I’m sure the Guardian guy was bummed we weren’t interested in all his gadgets. But my perfect little townhouse does not need an intercom system, that’s just silly.

Here’s what we did: (Sorry, I can’t find a picture of what our house will look like exactly, which I guess is a good thing!)
Mozart interior unit Elevation B
Tan siding with burgundy shutters (this is predetermined by builder)
Weathered wood roof color
First floor/Basement level:
Basement level entry with a one car garage J

Finished recreation Room--this was the incentive
Rec room flooring-Red Bud Dove shell(carpet)

(That's a google photo of the carpet, actually, all the selection photos are from google.)

Sliding glass door-walkout basement
Powder room-Initiator (laminate)
Coat closet
Carpet on stairs
All hardware throughout house is Brushed Nickel
Second level:
Kitchen island
Black appliances
Chrome kitchen sink
42” cabinets in Maple Spice

Slider in kitchen
Hardwood floor throughout level-Gunstock

Recessed lighting
Added extra outlets on counter and above cabinets
3 windows in living room
We opted for the open reading nook instead of a powder room or closet(Boyfriend and I couldn’t understand why anyone would want a bathroom right in their living room)
Carpet on stairs
Jamocha countertops

Third level:
Owners bathroom with Roman shower
White tiles on walls in both upstairs bathrooms
Downgraded a double bowl vanity to single bowl vanity so we could have more counter space
Maple Spice cabinets
Added outlets in Owners Bedroom
Walk in owners closet
Hall full bathroom with linen closet
Second bedroom with closet
Third bedroom with closet
Laundry closet in hallway (a must!)
We chose an upgraded wiring package and added 3 110V outlets.

Oh and last but not least…Our preconstruction meeting is scheduled for November 15th! So excited to meet our PM! We also got word that our little row of 4 townhouses have all been sold. Building is scheduled to start on November 19th. Holy hell. I’m getting nervous.