Sunday, February 24, 2013

Today's trip!

Today's trip proved to be a little disappointing. Apparently someone put a drywall nail through one of our pipes. I've actually spotted this one spot on the ceiling in the basement since the drywall was put up. I didn't think much of it other then it was just a seam and would be fixed. Also, when we went by a few days ago and found out about our toilets, they were working on the recessed light over the kitchen sink. This resulted in a huge hole that we weren't fond of. I know that they shouldn't have to work on Sundays, but were getting close to the finish line. This is a little bit of a set back and I kind of feel like they should be working. I don't complain much about things I see in the house but I instantly emailed our PM the photos I took today. He explained to me what happened and assured me that wet drywall will be cut out and replaced. The carpet is damp too so I hope it at least dries out. When drywall was being hung it moved the recessed light over the sink over so thats why they are adjusting the light. We shall see. Our PM has been great so I know we will have it fixed, I'm just sad we had to see this today!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

T minus 15 days!!

We close in 15 days! Other than waiting for the original approval, this is the most painful part! I'm dyinggggggggg. I'm expecting our settlement date to be changed just from reading everyone else's closing blogs. And our SR said to expect it because it ALWAYS happens. I hope it doesn't though because Chris is a fireman and works shift work and just starting he can't take time off just yet. So if it can't happen on the 11th we will have to wait 4 days for his off days. Gahhhhh!  I just want to move :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

I only wish

I only wish I could have been really excited about my appliances being in, completion of carpet install, rough pave of the driveway, and the new coat of paint we saw today but I was too busy having flames and smoke shooting out of my head when I walked up to the third level and my house reeked of urine!! That's right ALL three toilets had stagnant urine in them. This just about put me into my grave. I couldn't believe it!! Also, the electrictions were there cutting a huge hole in the ceiling above the kitchen sink. I think they were trying to move the recessed light over more. I asked and couldn't be given an answer so I just let it go. I haven't complained about ANYTHING so when I stopped in to talk to our awesome sales rep I knew he would handle it. I think I'll have to make a trip Sunday to see that the toilets have been taken care of. I probably woke get a blink of sleep tonight since I'm so grossed out. I am a huge germophobe. That's the whole reason we bought new, I couldn't stand the thought of taking a bath in someone else's tub. Okay, end rant! I just had to get that out!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things are looking good!

We made the trek today up to the house in the snow and I am really glad we did. Upon our arrival, we saw our sidewalk was completed and our stoop outside our front door was cured as well! We spotted the house numbers almost immediately too! It looks as though our driveway was graded to be poured something this week. When we got inside the house we saw the carpet was laid out in the basement rec room and hall but wasnt cut yet. I'm sure they finished it today. We got to the kitchen and the hardwood was completed! That was probably the most exciting part! Our stove was put in, which we plan on replacing here in the near future after settlement. Our other kitchen appliances were in their boxes waiting to be installed. I actually rode up yesterday to show my best friend the progress and I got to see our master shower doors were installed. Unfortunately, but fortunately for progress, they were installing the carpet unstairs so we couldnt go in the bathroom for Chris to see. I'm sure we will make our regular Friday trip and get to see it then! T minus 19 days until our tentative settlement date!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hardwood floors!

We stopped by the house today and they were hard at work! They were working on pouring the concrete for our sidewalks out front. Our electricity was on and it was so neat to be able to turn on the lights and see EVERYTHING :) downstairs they were scraping the concrete slab to prepare for our carpet and it appeared they had already done that upstairs. All of our light fixtures, lights, trim, cabinets, doors, mirrors were in. I'm so in love with our cute little house! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Refrigerator advice!

We're having a seriously hard time picking out a fridge. Chris likes Samsung 25.5 side by side in black. I think he really just likes the LED lighting..I prefer the Whirlpool 26.4 side by side. It doesn't have the LED lighting but it is much more spacious. Both have terrible reviews. The Samsung has a horrible ice maker breaking within weeks of purchase and it repeatedly happens. The whirlpool has condensation issues and this is a repetitive issue as well. I really am not partial to a side by side over French doors with a bottom freezer but Chris is. Does anyone have any suggestions on a fridge after their refrigerator purchase?? These are the only two fridges we have been able to agree on so clearly we will need to go back to the drawing board! What fridges do you have and do you like it??

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A few new photos

We stopped by the house yesterday and got a few new pictures. We also walked through our neighbors houses. I feel like we shouldn't have because I hope no one walks through ours, but I REALLY wanted to see what the other model house looked like since we never saw it. AND BOY AM I GLAD WE GOT A MOZART! The Beethoven is just god awful small, even for a townhouse! Anyway, here's a few pictures.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Quicky post!

I drove by quickly today to see what was going on. I didn't walk in because they ha the front yard dug up for the gas lines. However, the shutters were on and that was all I needed to see!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

It just keeps getting better!

Today we met our SR at our house so he could do a walk through. He hadn't seen our lot since right before framing. Of course, we received our weekly update email last night and we were looking forward to our siding, cabinets, and trim to come later this week. Little did we know, when we got there we would be shocked! I think our PM likes to surprise us! Photos are in no particular order! We got there this morning and were in awe as always! :)  Happy Superbowl Sunday and GO RAVENS :)

The siding on the back of our row. We are the second from the right. 

Fairfield Maple Spice cabinets and Jamocha counter tops

Railings that will be stained to match our hardwood floor--gunstock

When we got to the house they were working on our siding out front.

I really like our cabinets and all the space they have. Too bad I'll never be able to reach them!


More cabinet space.

I really like our counters. 

Island with the pull out drawers.

Breakfast bar

The "nook" 

More railing photos.

Master bedroom looking towards back yard and our bathroom.

Steps going upstairs.

Our closet and looking down the hall.

Our cabinets in the master bath. Can't wait until they are in.


Closet in one of the bedrooms

Hall bath mirror.

Hall bath cabinet and sink. Again, Fairfield Maple Spice.

Hey! Check out Peanut! He is from the shelter I volunteer at. His owners dropped him off in our emergency pen in the middle of the night. This little dude was a mini Cujo when he came in. I don't know what I was thinking but I had this weird feeling to bring him home to see if he had another side to him and boy am I glad I did! HE IS THE BEST :) Complete personality change. But I guess we would all be vicious and frustrated if we were dropped off and left in a cat carrier, scared and confused. This little man is asleep on my bed with me as I type this. I just love him to pieces. I think he may have found his permanent home :)  Completely off topic but I wanted to share!


The front of the house before we left.