Sunday, February 3, 2013

It just keeps getting better!

Today we met our SR at our house so he could do a walk through. He hadn't seen our lot since right before framing. Of course, we received our weekly update email last night and we were looking forward to our siding, cabinets, and trim to come later this week. Little did we know, when we got there we would be shocked! I think our PM likes to surprise us! Photos are in no particular order! We got there this morning and were in awe as always! :)  Happy Superbowl Sunday and GO RAVENS :)

The siding on the back of our row. We are the second from the right. 

Fairfield Maple Spice cabinets and Jamocha counter tops

Railings that will be stained to match our hardwood floor--gunstock

When we got to the house they were working on our siding out front.

I really like our cabinets and all the space they have. Too bad I'll never be able to reach them!


More cabinet space.

I really like our counters. 

Island with the pull out drawers.

Breakfast bar

The "nook" 

More railing photos.

Master bedroom looking towards back yard and our bathroom.

Steps going upstairs.

Our closet and looking down the hall.

Our cabinets in the master bath. Can't wait until they are in.


Closet in one of the bedrooms

Hall bath mirror.

Hall bath cabinet and sink. Again, Fairfield Maple Spice.

Hey! Check out Peanut! He is from the shelter I volunteer at. His owners dropped him off in our emergency pen in the middle of the night. This little dude was a mini Cujo when he came in. I don't know what I was thinking but I had this weird feeling to bring him home to see if he had another side to him and boy am I glad I did! HE IS THE BEST :) Complete personality change. But I guess we would all be vicious and frustrated if we were dropped off and left in a cat carrier, scared and confused. This little man is asleep on my bed with me as I type this. I just love him to pieces. I think he may have found his permanent home :)  Completely off topic but I wanted to share!


The front of the house before we left.


  1. What a great surprise!!!

    I hear you about the cabinets... I'm 5'1 on a tall day so there's no way I'm reaching beyond the second shelf in our 42" cabinets! I love the Jamocha countertop color!

    Peanut is cute... very good of you to consider giving him a permanent home!

    1. I'm 4'11 so I think I'll be lucky to reach any of the shelves!

  2. Peanut is so cute! I would probably have a hard time resisting that cute face too!

    1. He's so snuggly! Such a big difference from our lab.