Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh and I forgot!!!

I'm not sure how I forgot this, but I'm only 4'10", and my one special request was for the PM to leave the shelving for the master closet and laundry out so I could have them put in after we move in to my liking. He said he'd have no problem putting them in to the height I prefer, I just need to send him the measurements. I was so happy, because yet again, it's something I don't have to botch up! Bravo Ryan homes! I am thinking above having a custom closet organizer for my master still, but atleast I know they will help me out in the laundry closet.


  1. Cindy, that is awesome! Those little things matter! I asked for the shelving to be moved up so we can add another row in the smaller closets. We just had to figure out how high! If you are considering a closet system don't forget the shelving will leave holes in your walls when you take them down. I asked for no shelving in our bedroom closets because we are having custom closets built, too.

    1. Im so glad they are willing to accomodate!