Sunday, January 27, 2013

What a surprise!!!!!! :)

I stopped by the house yesterday with Chris after he got off work and we were so shocked(as always!) We had no idea the drywall was done! We thought they just did the inspections this past week. I later on got our weekly update and this will be sanded down monday and they will paint sometime during the week. I think we are going by again on Wednesday or Friday, so I can't wait to see the progress then! Oh, and I had to download Safari on my HP to be able to upload photos. Strange, but it worked! 

Recreation Room

Rec Room walkout
This bad boy had the house nice and cozy yesterday :)

Waiting for our siding. It was delivered today.

Photo number 7,216 of the rec room :) Just kidding but it feels like it!

Water heater and our small storage area

Powder room on first level

I opened the garage door and was greeting with lots of goodies! Trim, doors, sink tops, cabinets, everything!

Living room

Stairs going up

I really like the landings

We opted for the "nook" instead of the powder room or closet. I'm pleased.


Kitchen and pantry


In the living room, looking towards the kitchen.

The OTHER landing. I live in a house with NO steps right now, so this should be fun.

Closet for the office.

Guest room


Guest closet

Looking out of the guest room at the laundry closet

Laundry closet

Linen closet in the hall bath

Hall shower pre tile.

Master walk in closet.

Master bedroom

Looking into our bathroom

Master bedroom

Roman shower

Our nice little backyard :)

Looking down the hall.