Sunday, January 6, 2013

Things are happening!

We got our weekly update from joe yesterday that we will have hvac put in this upcoming week. It was there in the garage when we went by Saturday. I was REALLY hoping we could sneak in to walk through since ALL our steps are in! But when we went Saturday and Sunday they were working, so I won't complain about that. Oh, and we also scheduled our Pre drywall meeting for the 16th! I'm really excited since we probably won't get to see much inside until then! No photos because I didn't want the workers to think I was too weird coming by everyday to take the same photos!


  1. Yay for progress!

    I was originally worried about the workers thinking I was weird, but I got over it quickly. If I hadn't stopped by so frequently I wouldn't have been able to get pictures of the whole building process since things move so quickly.

    1. I've gotten so many good photos! It's been wonderful. You really couldn't see anything different from the outside when I went by from my last post. I believe they are framing the rooms on the second and third levels, but I don't really know!

  2. Things seem to be moving along smoothly! Awesome!

  3. Very smoothly...we're considering ourselves very blessed!