Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pre drywall meeting tomorrow!

We have our pre drywall meeting tomorrow morning bright and early---8am. That's how I excited I am for this...I'm getting up a 6am on my day off. Any suggestions for tomorrow or questions I should ask? When walking through last weekend I noticed a few outlets we added were MIA. I emailed joe and he got right back to me. He didn't have any notes about the added outlets but did see we paid for them so he quickly added them in. As luck would have it, our meeting was originally scheduled for yesterday but the electricians were in an accident and didn't finish so joe pushed it back, which gave them time to add the outlets before the inspection. Problem: I couldn't remember where I originally wanted them all to go. i knew we added one above our cabinets and one behind where our bed will go in the master. i think i wanted one in the pantry so thats where the third is going. Oh well.


  1. There aren't specific questions you should as per se but definitely things to look out for. Make sure your floors aren't squeaky. If they are, sometimes the squeak is in the wall and not the actual floor so they would have to adjust the wall pre drywall to fix that. If something looks weird to you, ask about it, it can never hurt. Be on the look out for walls that aren't square (90 degree angles) and as you already found out you should look for missing outlets too. Make sure light switches, thermostat and other fixtures are in a location you are happy with because once the drywall goes up, they will be less likely to accomodate you.

    Good luck at your meeting!

  2. Thanks so much Cami! I really appreciate it! :)