Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How's it going folks?!

I feel like a big time stranger to this blogging world! I just have to update and say that we LOVE our home! I hope everyone is loving their home too! If not, what's bugging you or what went wrong? I feel so blessed that we are so young and fortunate to have built our first home.  We had our 30 day fixes and everything was minor thank goodness. Did anyone have anything crazy happen after their move in? I hope I'm not jinxing myself!! Our last and final neighbor moved in next door and she also has two dogs. Our fence situation just got more urgent! I woke up the past two days and she had her dogs going to the bathroom in our backyard!! I guess that's the downfall to a townhouse though! We're having our fence put in ASAP--we were going to attempt to do it ourselves since boyfriend and all this fireman friends are pretty handy but we need it done NOW! I really do have to say though, little things aside we definitely got lucky with building. I am so pleased with our sales rep and PM I just sent an email to their bosses about how they want above and beyond what was expected. We definitely were cautious at first after reading some horror stories but I'm so glad we went with our gut feeling! Bottom line is we are thrilled and so pleased! We have slowly been adding furniture and when everything Is put together I will be adding pictures! Can't wait to hear about everyone's progress!


  1. Glad to hear everything is going well!

  2. Hi Cindy! Nice to see you back!! Glad you are loving your new home!! So am I!!

    1. That's so wonderful! It's such a treat to have everything brand new!

  3. I actually have started a blog of my own construction of a Mozart.