Sunday, December 23, 2012

Firewall is in!

We did a quick stop today and were excited to see the firewall was up. We also did a little walk through while no one was there. Not much to see but ill take it! :)


  1. Progress is progress, right?

    Are you building in the Baltimore area? I noticed the shirt...

  2. We're building I'm southern pa. It's about 30 miles north of Baltimore county.

  3. Is the firewall the gray wall in the last picture? Do you know if this is standard with townhouse construction? I have not seen this before--I tell you there is so much to learn.

    btw--I took every moment I could and took plenty of pictures. The progress is moving along nicely. So exciting--isn't it?.

    1. It is standard. I also wanted a sprinkler system and when I inquired about it they said it was standard as well. Which was wonderful because it saved us $5k!

  4. Hi can i ask you how the options were priced with Ryan homes? i am looking into building a mozart.

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